I haven’t written anything for a while in this blog.
I’m working very hard at architect office but afraid that I can’t write the detail about it because of the compliance,,,
But still I will keep going on this blog because it’s too pity to quite it that I have been doing this for 5 years already,,, also still have to improve my English because I am expected to use it at work though I am not good at it actually,,,
Working have been really tough for me. But I already learn a lot about not only working thing but also the manner, I mean how I should behave on a business and so on. I didn’t know anything about it before I started it. Now I’m interested in it more than architecture stuff and thinking that it’s the most important thing as a architect. That’s why I choose the office I’m working now, and my feeling wasn’t wrong.
And I have gotten missing Finland day by day. I’m really sad sometimes the small parties about Finland are taken place at anywhere, but I can’t come because of work… Also some good Finnish friends of mine are coming to Japan to study, so I really wanna hang around with them. They used to take care of me in Finland, so I would have liked to do that as well but I have no time,,, Now my dream in the near future is that I could have a work related to Finland.
Anyway I’m doing like this and fine. Hope to see everyone who are looking at this!

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  1. ひさびさの更新ですね。

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